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Renewable Energy for Big Consumers

Continuity in the energy supply and predictability in prices represent a permanent challenge in the planning of companies. Within this frame of reference, many companies are analyzing solutions that, in addition to bringing predictability, they can add value through sustainable and socially responsible practices.
Genneia’s challenge is to bring big consumers a tailor-made solution for their electricity needs, by means of projects that meet the diversity in requirements depending on their productive activities.

Genneia has designed concrete proposals for them in order to reach a safe alternative for the supply of electricity, at reasonable costs, and predictability in the long term.

Commercial - Big Consumers

Business Vision

The present market context urges companies to count on a higher price predictability and safety in the supply of energy. Responsible practices on the part of companies are added to this in an effort to use sources of energy that do not contribute to environmental damage.

Renewable energy projects based on wind are a safe and trustworthy alternative to reach those goals:

  • It provides a predictable energy price (without price volatility risks).
  • It guarantees availability of energy in the long term as an input of the productive process (no risk in supply).
  • There is a worldwide proven technology minimizing technological risk.
  • It is clean, sustainable, widely and socially accepted (no risk of bad reputation).
  • It generates sub-products, such as CER (Certified Emissions Reduction) with are tradable in many markets around the world and can consolidate in a corporate level.
  • It generates tax advantages (locally and nationwide).
  • It reinforces the image of social responsibility.

Genneia proposes the Big Consumer help to select the renewable energy wind project that best suits their business model, in order to find a profitable and efficient balance that serves their productive processes.

Commercial - Big Consumers

Our Proposal

The best alternative the present regulation offers to Big Consumers so that they may have a sensible level of supply security and set energy price in the long term is Self-Generation. The notion of a Distributed Self-generator is a possibility that allows Big Users to count on access to renewable energies irrespective of the location of the demand. GENNEIA can provide their expertise, their project portfolio and the necessary added value for a successful business model with these features. The advantage of a Distributed Self-Generated model is that it allows access to wind resources in the areas with best winds. GENNEIA has registered and certified all measurements of their developments under international standards. This feature not only insures that the fulfillment of every requirement from the financial entities is met, but also guarantees a better investment yield. Consult with us and know how GENNEIA can be your strategic partner in the development of a Self-Generating project for your company. For further information, contact
Within MEM (Wholesale Electric Market) there is the possibility of entering into long term agreements, known as PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). Although current regulations inhibit this alternative, with the suspension of MEM’s forward market (Section 8th Resolution No. 95/2013 from the ENERGY SECRETARIAT) a new regulation which will allow once again contractual activities between generators and consumers is under way to be approved. As from this milestone, GENNEIA will be calling those parties who are interested in signing up for renewable energy to present their “Expression of Interest” for the future contracts concerning the supply of long term renewable energy. For further information, contact
For those productive projects where interconnection with SADI is not feasible, GENNIA offers the alternative of a turnkey project for the Self-Generation of electricity, be it from 100% renewable sources or from a hybrid alternative, mixing thermal and wind generation technologies with an intelligent control. Under this scheme, GENNEIA is prepared to offer their expertise in the development of wind and thermal projects which integrate state of the art technologies for intelligent control systems and load balancing (also known as SMART-GRID). This one is an excellent alternative to producing significant savings in mining or oil exploitation which would not be connected to the MEM. For further information, contact
GENNEIA counts with a seasoned team for the development of projects whose mission is to keep a permanent stock of places with outstanding wind features, a geographical situation that favors logistics and the studies for electrical interconnection and environmental impact that can swiftly take them to the operation of a wind generation site. Thanks to this strategy, GENNEIA is in a position to respond professionally and competitively to any query on the part of consumers or third parties who are in need of a strategic partner in the local electrical market.
- Safety: GENNEIA's experience in developing projects greatly reduces many of the main development risks, such as a correct wind assessment, the choice of technology, the capacity to export surplus to the grid, the rights on the lands, the environmental issues, the access to ports, routes and roads for logistics and deployment of heavy duty equipment.

- Experience: GENNEIA‘s professional team has shown quality results in the development of engineering and in the management of the works along the construction period of Wind Farm Rawson I & II, nowadays the one with the biggest installed capacity in Argentina developed within budget and deadlines.

- Operation: We have managed wind farms on our own since 2012, with a 97% history of reliability, measured with regards to the energy that was generated. We have helped avoid the emission of 600,000 CO2 tons (to June 2015) and have contributed with savings of US$ 160 Million in fuel imports. 
A carbon certificate or credit is a tradable certification which is equivalent to a ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) captured in the atmosphere.
Any individual or company may acquire it to reduce their carbon footprint, be it voluntarily or because of their commitment to reduce carbon emissions. Through Wind Farms Rawson I & II which have contributed to the reduction of greenhouse gases (GEI in Spanish and GHG in English) GENEIA has avoided the emission of over 600,000 tons of CO2, up to the month of June 2015.
Our projects are registered under the Clean Development Mechanism (MDL) by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (1) and under the voluntary market for emissions reduction, Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) (2).
We have certificates for the reduction of emissions in both markets (MDL and VCS) and we have the capability of including at least 180,000 new certificates for emissions reductions per year. GENNEIA is considered to be one of the first companies in the Argentine energy sector to generate and commercialize certificates for CO2 emissions reductions in a large scale.

(1) The Project has been registered as a MDL project by the UNFCCC under the following reference number:
(2) The Project has been registered as a VCS project under the following reference number:
If your company is interested in buying these certificates, you may obtain more information at
In its role as distributor, GENNEIA offers gas and transport services for non regulated markets within the natural gas industry in Argentina. With over 10 years’ experience, this line of business endeavors to offer supply solutions for natural gas with the highest quality and service standards. For further information, contact

Commercial - Big Consumers

Ley 27.191

La reciente promulgación de la ley 27.191, modifica la Ley 26.190 estableciendo obligaciones concretas para la contratación de energía renovable a aquellos Grandes Usuarios cuya demanda de potencia sea mayor a 300 kW.

Los compromisos establecidos obligan al Gran Usuario a cumplir efectiva e individualmente con los objetivos fijados de incorporar un mínimo del 8% del total de su consumo propio de energía eléctrica proveniente de fuentes renovables al 31/12/2017 y alcanzar el 20% para el 31/12/2025.

Aquellos Grandes Usuarios que consuman más de 300 kW de potencia y no cumplan con los umbrales establecidos serían penalizados.

Para poder cumplir con estos requisitos, GENNEIA ofrece contratos de energía eléctrica a largo plazo (PPA) a partir de su amplia cartera de proyectos eólicos de rápida ejecución.

Por otra parte, las principales ventajas que también motivan a los Grandes Usuarios a insertar rápidamente energía renovable en su matriz energética hacen a la previsibilidad del precio, la independencia económica y geopolítica asegurándose el abastecimiento de energía eléctrica, la contribución al cuidado del medio ambiente y el posicionamiento de la marca con una imagen sustentable.

Para más información contactarse a .

Commercial - Big Consumers

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