The efficient cause for life is energy and therefore life is synonymous with energy. A symbiotic and everlasting chain that must be tended to thoroughly and decisively so that it may continue its cycle. This is the symbol we have taken in GENNEIA as the origin and driving force for the development of our discipline: In a responsible and efficient manner and as a paramount condition for each and one of those who make the company. We generate energy and look after life.

Renewable Energy


The domestic energy supply faces a new demand every day and a requirement for new sources of energy. Renewable and clean energy is the stepping stone where we already stand and move forward, actively developing projects that, in our role as leaders, may bring sustainable solutions.

Renewable Energy


For those regions where there is a high demand of energy, there are no supply sources or they require an immediate supply, Thermal Power Plants are an invaluable tool to meet those needs, bringing energy to the Argentine Interconnection System (SADI) and to any area under the Isolated Generation Program.


Because it responds immediately to the supply requirements in the area, meeting demand concretely and efficiently, under strict international standards.


Thanks to the scope of these productive platforms, large companies as well as thousands of homes and public places receive energy. This means a valuable contribution to the development and conservation of labor sources and benefits for the community.


At GENNEIA, S.A. we show our commitment by caring for all resources in each of the projects while complying with strict standards and actively and voluntarily contributing to social, economic and environmental improvement; a fundamental part of our corporate values.