We manage CSR through an activities program that envisages corporate values, basing them on the idea of sustainability which implies meeting current generations needs without compromising the possibilities for the future ones to serve their own needs.
We aim at practically integrating the following concepts: environmental respect,
cooperation and participation in social development and generation of a sustainable economic growth.

Política del SIG

Our goals: Materialize corporate values through strategies based upon the three dimensions for sustainability -environmental one, social and economical- which allow us to fulfill our mission statement. To generate a sustainability culture and commitment from ethical principles and good practices in every company department. To foster and spread a rational use of energy as well as the features and advantages of renewable energies in the various audiences.



Planet Conservation

Since we are a company committed to sustainability we encourage actions that help our planet's conservation.

Ecological Awareness

We seek to avoid pollution and to create an ecological conscience among our assistants.

Recycling Culture

The aim is to entrench a culture of recycling and minimize the impact our operation generates.

Garrahan Hospital Fundation

Recycled bottle caps and papers are sent to the the Garrahan Hospital Foundation (a charity) and to entities next to our energy generation operative units.