01 - 03 - 2019

To our investor community.

Today, the Secretary of Energy issued a new base energy remuneration scheme under Resolution #1/19, replacing Resolution #19/17.  We are currently analyzing in detail the new scheme.More information on this matter will be provided in our next earnings conference call.

We would like to remind our investor community that Genneia has been developing a USD 1 billion capex program for the period 2017-2021, which increases its renewable installed capacity by 725 MW.

The weight of our thermal units in terms of cash flow generation that are currently or will be by 2021 under Resolution #1/19 is relatively low. We highlight that by 2021 Genneia´s cash flow generation will be mostly composed by long-term and solid USD-denominated PPAs for renewable energy.

Genneia´s team is fully available to clarify any other questions you may have.